National Pass - Blue Mountains - Australia

To the Conservation Hut

We're on our final ascent but cannot resist the short diversion to historic Queen Victoria Lookout.

sign to Queen Victoria Lookout

From this lookout, for one last time, we take in with wonder the panorama of the valleys, the imposing cliffs of Kings Tableland, distant Mount Solitary and the wilderness beyond.

Well-formed timber steps meander through open forest of eucalypts and old-man banksias and we pass still another journey for next time – the signposted turnoff to the Overcliff and Undercliff Walks, which could take us back to the top of Wentworth Falls via the cliff tops.

We're appreciating the chance to cool down from the energy spent earlier on the ladders when we're again beckoned from above by a welcoming bird call.

Black CockatooTwo impressive black cockatoos are snacking on the kernels of nuts from the tree where they perch.

They're larger than their white cousins that accompanied us for much of the walk and look quite formal in their black attire with raised sulphur crests and bright yellow stripes across their tails.

We continue to our designated food stop at the top of this trail, the Conservation Hut. This is a pleasant cafe and rest stop where we can sit out on the balcony and have a refreshing drink while still enjoying the Australian bush.

We've been walking for three and a half hours, but we're in no way exhausted.

We think of the many 'journeys for other days' that we've passed on our way.

We must return!

Building the National Pass

The National Pass hiking track was built with picks, shovels, crowbars and dynamite between 1906 and 1907. It involved cutting a zig-zag staircase into a cliff face and became a very popular walking trail.   Learn more

Restoring the Trail

After 95 years service, the track had to be closed in 2002. Bushfires, rain storms and landslides played havoc with fencing and wooden bridges. The $1.5 million restoration project won a National Trust award.   Learn more

Bushwalking Tips

Walking this historic trail will be more enjoyable if you prepare well. Bring a camera and binoculars if you can. Make sure you have adequate clothing should the weather change. Carry water and snacks. Don't stray off the trail.